Test and calibrate your 3D printer’s capacities with the #3DBency test project

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Theoretically, 3D printing technology can be used to make just about anything. Even a basic desktop FDM 3D printer should be capable of creating diverse, complex and unnatural shapes, just about anything you can imagine. But the reality is that most users only 3D print basic geometric shapes. So really how do we know what [...]

Forget Apple Watch, 3D print yourself a retro Apple II smartwatch

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Unless you've been avoiding the internet altogether, it has been almost impossible to miss the gigantic promotional campaign for the upcoming Apple Watch that seems to have been dominating technology websites everywhere. You might thus be aware of the fact that its preoder stage launches today, but wait! You don't have to order one and [...]

Taiwan launches Fab Trucks to bring 3D printing to 497 campuses over the next 2 years

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Taiwan has long been known as a country committed to 3D printing innovation, as a lot of promising startups can be found there, but that is clearly not enough for the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. To promote 3D printing amongst its youth and to solidify the country's reputation as a talent pool for 3D printing, [...]

Engineer 3D prints a jet-powered snowboard that can go up to 15 mph on the flat

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All skiers and snowboarders will confirm that speed is the name of the game where these wintery sports are concerned. Snowboards look the coolest for obvious reasons, but are sadly not the most practical. Everyone who has ever opted for one of those will have experienced getting stuck in the flat parts or paths, while [...]

Kickstarter campaign launched for exciting Sinterhard metal filled 3D printer filaments

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While so many of us dream about it, metal 3D printing is still everything but an affordable consumer technology. In fact, high-quality metal printing is hardly even a ‘prosumer' technology for small businesses and start-ups, as decent machines easily cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, numerous initatives are currently working to bring metal 3D printing to [...]

Spanish designer creates 3D printable Dogs Game set to help spur canine intelligence

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It goes without saying, but thanks to the low-cost of 3D printing compared to more traditional fabrication methods, design concepts that may have resided in the back pages of a designer's notebook are able to come to fruition easier than ever before. No longer is approval needed from a corporate board meeting to send something [...]

New photolithographic technology uses oxygen inhibitors to build 3D printed microstructures

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It should come with little surprise that as existing technologies such as computer chips and materials are being increasingly manufactured at nanoscale-sizes, so too are additive manufacturing processes. This article New photolithographic technology uses oxygen inhibitors to build 3D printed microstructures is first published at 3ders.org.      

Designers create SuperMod, a 3D printed, fully-customizable modular wall system using Makerbot

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Of all of the wonderful things that 3D printers have provided us with, creating large-scale objects for the home hasn't necessarily been one of the technology's strong suits. For one, the use of plastic as a decor item has never really been high up on most interior decorators' list of items to display. Secondly, the [...]

Teacher brings DIY 3D printing into the classroom using a modified projector & PowerPoint slides

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Although we've been hearing about some truly revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies as of late including efforts done by Carbon3D and others to rapidly speed up 3D printing times, we have also been hearing about new ways of building 3D printers with relatively few parts and simple structures that can be made with found items for [...]