Product Description

La ProX 100 cuenta con un volumen de construcción de 100 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm, junto con la carga manual de materiales y una estación de reciclaje externo opcional. El sistema es compatible con los materiales incluyendo Maraging 1.2709, Stainless 17-4PH, Ti6Al4V, AlSi12. La ProX 100 también incluye herramientas de software de 3D Systems, que han sido diseñadas específicamente para garantizar los procesos de fabricación en cerámica y metal con éxito.

Excepcional superficie y resolución
Reproduce partes densas
Desperdicio de material mínimo

Michal Hermanek, founder and owner of MicroDent, the largest dental lab and dental CAD/CAM services supplier in the Czech and Slovakia regions, believes that 3D Systems’ metal 3D printers allowed his company to grow faster than he could ever have anticipated.

Five years ago, Hermanek founded his dental businesses based on joining two worlds: traditional dentistry and digital solutions. As a tech-savvy graduate and member of a family of dentists, he immediately saw the potential between the developing dental CAD software solutions and scanning. Soon after, the idea of 3D printing became a target for him and his teams. As the company grew, Hermaneck started researching direct metalsintering (DMS) systems.

Having created a small 3D dental bridge model, Hermanek sent the file to several 3Dprinting vendors to create a test part and then assessed the results.Of the 3D printer models he assessed, one stood out. “The sheer qualityof the part created on the ProX™ 100 dental system from 3D Systems (formerly the Phenix PXM) meant that the part didn’t twist and deform, and also stood up to repeated firing,” stated Hermanek. “The accuracy and the price of the system was also a huge factor in choosing the ProX 100.”

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3D Direct Metal Sintering for Dental Lab, MicroDent